Blood tests and sampling laboratory in Laval and Boisbriand

Three different locations for our clinics

Our sampling centers in Laval and Boisbriand are ready to receive you for medical samples and analyses. Do you have a prescription for a blood test? We offer a convenient and fast solution to busy people or those who do not want to wait.

Prenatal screening tests for genetic disorders  are offered at our clinics with a prescription from your doctor. Examples of those tests are the PANORAMA and HARMONY tests

No more wasted time to get a blood test or a sample.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Private blood test and sampling clinic

Flexibility and availability are our greatest strengths. Make an appointment online at our clinic at a time that suits you, even on Saturdays! Hard to move? It is with pleasure that we will go to your residence or place of work. Do not waste time queuing for your samples early in the morning. The collected samples are sent to a recognized laboratory for analysis and the results are sent directly to your doctor within 24 hours.

Blood testg and DNA tests

How much does a blood test cost?

The analyzes are carried out by a private and recognized laboratory. Fees may vary from one case to another. A receipt is issued to you and the expenses are covered by most of the group insurance policies or  are applicable to the medical expenses of the tax reports.

DNA tests

Do you want to know your ancestral origins or get a paternity test? Groupe Santé Express clinics are available to receive you quickly with appointments for the following DNA tests:  

  • Paternity / maternity tests and filiation tests
  • Genetic predisposition test
  • Tests on ancestral origins and first nations

The samples collected are then sent to a recognized and specialized laboratory for these types of analyses.

If you have questions, contact us quickly!

Your health is our priority!

Our clinic, offers by appointment only, the installation of three portable devices to assess the cardiovascular health of our patients. The time required to install one of these devices is 5 to 10 minutes.

The Mapa, a blood pressure monitor that the patient wears for 24 hours and which aims to determine if the patient needs a treatment to control his blood pressure.

The Holter, a small portable device that allows the recording of the electrocardiogram for a period of 24h or 48h.

Cardiomémo, a small portable device that the patient uses to record a rhythm disorder. The device is loaned to the patient for a period of one month. Unlike holter or cardiostat, which record continuously, the cardiomemo records sequences of events that the patient records himself.

Fees are due for these exams and a receipt is issued to you. These exams are usually covered by most private insurance.

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