Infant vaccination in Laval and Boisbriand

Our clinics located in Laval and Boisbriand offer vaccination for babies, children and teenagers. Vaccines are designed to protect children from dangerous diseases that pose a serious risk to their health. When a baby gets vaccinated, he develops immunity against these diseases before coming into contact with them.

In addition, getting your child vaccinated also helps protect loved ones from health hazards. Indeed, if your child is immune to an illness, the risk of catching it and passing it on to others is reduced.

Here is the vaccination schedule provided by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services.

For children born BEFORE June 1st, 2019

For children born AS FROM June 1st, 2019

Should I vaccinate my baby?

Yes, vaccination prevents infectious diseases that have historically affected many infants. Vaccines are very safe. Millions of doses of vaccine are safely administered each year and the side effects are minor and short-lived. The vaccine does not weaken the immune system. On the contrary, it stimulates him to make defenses against diseases.

What are the side effects of vaccination?

Vaccination in babies can cause minor side effects. The toddler may have pain at the injection site, some redness, and slight swelling. It is also possible that he develops a little fever. One solution is to apply a cold wet compress or ice at the injection site to relieve discomfort. Severe side effects are very rare. If you think your child has a side effect due to a vaccine, contact us.

A mild illness is usually not a reason to postpone a vaccination. Call us or make an appointment online to meet a specialist and assess your infant’s needs. It is tempting to postpone a vaccination if your baby has a runny nose or a mild fever. However, global authorities in pediatric health such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe that a mild illness is usually not a reason to delay immunization.

There are no health benefits to delaying immunization if your baby has a mild illness. It is important that infants are vaccinated in time, even if they do not feel well, to protect them from dangerous diseases. Baby vaccines are available at our Laval and Boisbriand clinics. Get an appointment online in less than 24 hours for your infant.

Can a baby with a cold be vaccinated?

A baby with a simple cold, mild fever, cough or runny nose can be vaccinated safely. It can be difficult for a parent to assess the health status of their child and make a decision about vaccination. Contact us and we can guide you.

When should I vaccinate my baby for measles?

The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services recommends the administration of two doses of measles vaccine: 12 months and 18 months. Measles vaccination is combined with vaccination against rubella and mumps. This combination of vaccines is known by the acronym RRO and is available free of charge to all residents of Quebec who have not yet received it.

Contrary to popular belief, these three diseases are not benign and can lead to serious complications. MMR vaccines are generally well tolerated by toddlers. However, it is possible that fever or redness on the skin occurs in the days following vaccination.

If the infant is traveling before their first 12-month-old vaccine, the vaccine can be given as early as 6 months of age depending on the destination. Our clinics in Laval and Boisbriand are ready to welcome you now!

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